UI Elements

Useful for creating Custom Contact Forms and Links

  • ru : 2-letter language code of current Moodle language.
  • : Display the ReCAPTCHA field - for use with Contact Form for Moodle. Note: Will be blank if user is logged-in using a non-guest account.
  • : To be used within form input fields to make them read-only if the user is logged-in.
  • on : "off" if in edit page mode. Otherwise "on". Useful for creating Turn Editing On/Off links.
  • https://vo.uu.edu.ua/local/contact/index.php : Action URL for Contact Form forms. (requires Contact Form plugin).
  • : Not a form. This can be used instead of having to insert the required hidden input field and JavaScript Snippet.


  • : Will display the enclosed content only if the user is logged-in as an administrator and developer debugging mode is enabled.
  • : Will display the enclosed content only if the user is on the Moodle Home Front Page.
  • : Will display the enclosed content only if the user is on the Moodle Dashboard.
  • : Will display enclosed contents only if the Request a Course feature is enabled.
  • : Will display the enclosed content only if editing mode is turned on.

If the condition is not met in the particular context, the specified tag and it's content will be removed.

Conditionally display content filters (For Moodle Workplace)

  • | : (ALPHA) Will display the content if a tenant idnumber or tenant id is specified. Only {iftenant 1} will work in Moodle classic.
  • : (ALPHA) Will display the content only if displayed in Moodle Workplace.

HTML and "lang" tagging

  • ­ : Is substituted for a soft hyphen that only appears when needed.
  •   : Is substituted for a non-breaking space when displayed.
  • : Tag specific text in a particular language by wrapping the text in a plain text pair of or tags. This makes no visible changes to the content but wraps the content in an HTML <span lang="xx" xml:lang="xx"></span> inline tag. As a result, screen readers will make use of this localization information to apply a particular pronunciation if the text is in a different language than the language of the rest of the page. This is required for compliance with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
  • : An easy way to create an HTML 5 Details/Summary expandable section in your page. IMPORTANT:
    must all be on one line (it is ok if the line wraps). The rest of the details can be on multiple lines followed by the
    . This is an experimental feature which may result in invalid HTML but it works.

For more information and an up-to-date list of tags, see the documentation link.

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